Product Change Notifications (PCNs)

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Ceramic Capacitors (Series: C) C-series with specific termination composition consisting of Palladium- Silver (Pd-Ag) with part number nomenclature of CxxxxYYYzzz-XXXPE(P). 09-18-2022
Inductors (Series: WRFI) Case Size 1206 of WRFI Series --> Going End of Life (EOL) 12-23-2021
Ceramic Capacitors (Series: C) Part number C0402X7R160-154KNP --> Going End of Life (EOL) 12-23-2021
Resistors (Series: CSMS) Change in dimensions for Length, Width, Thickness and Termination for several p/n's in 2512 case size. 10-25-2021
Capacitors (Series: C) Component dimensional tolerances changed for the 1uF, 0402, X7R, 6.3V 07-12-2021
Capacitors (Series: C) Change in max thickness or max height for P/N's: C0805X7R500-105KNE & C0805X7R500-105MNE 02-08-2021
Inductors (Series: MRFI) MRFI Series --> Going End of Life (EOL) 08-31-2020
Inductors (Series: LMCI) Discontinuation of 01005 --> Going End of Life (EOL) 03-31-2020
Inductors (Series: MLPI) MLPI Series --> Going End of Life (EOL) 10-14-2019
Capacitors (Series: C) Part number C1210X5R6R3-227MNE --> Going End of Life (EOL) 04-30-2019
Capacitors (Series: C) Part number C1206X5R4R0-227MNE & C1206X5R6R3-227MNE --> Going End of Life (EOL) 04-30-2019
Capacitors (Series: C) Discontinuation of C1210X5R6R3-157MNE --> Going End of Life (EOL) 04-30-2019
Capacitors (Series: LIC) LIC Series --> Going End of Life (EOL) 11-30-2018
Resistors (Series: CSMS) Component marking change --> Series is NOT going EOL  07-02-2018
Resistors (Series: WBTFR) WBTFR Series --> Going End of Life (EOL) 01-03-2018
Thermistors (Series: NTC) NTC06032TH500JT --> Going End of Life (EOL) 01-12-2017
Resistors (Series: HVCR) High Voltage Resistance range change and an increase of working voltage for the 2010 and 2512 case sizes. 10-23-2014
Resistor Arrays (Series: CRN) Chip Resistor Array concave terminal configuration discontinuation. 04-01-2014
Inductors (Series: NL453232) Product change notification and discontinuation or obsolescence of the 453232 (1812) size NL Inductor. 01-31-2014
Ferrite Beads (Series: BC-H, FBC-L and FB AND 1206) Discontinuation of the FBC-H, FBC-L, and FBS Ferrite bead series as well as all 1206 size Ferrite beads. 01-03-2013
Resistor Arrays (Series: CRN31-8, CRN34-8, CRN35-8 and CRN32-4) Discontinuation of CRN31-8, CRN34-8, CRN35-8 and CRN32-4 Resistor Array series.  06-08-2012
Resistor Arrays (Series: CRN16-8, CRN31-8, CRN34-8, CRN35-8) Discontinuation of CRN16-8, CRN31-8, CRN34-8, CRN35-8 Resistor Array series 06-08-2012
Resistors (Series: TRN55 and TRN60) Discontinuation of the TRN55 and TRN60 MELF series. 01-10-2011
Capacitors (Series: C) Discontinuation of laser alpha-numeric marking for case sizes larger than 0603 05-01-2010
Resistors (Series: TRN50) Discontinuation of the TRN50 MELF resistor series 11-06-2009
Inductors (Series: LMCI) Discontinuation of the LMCI 2012 inductor series 10-30-2009
Tantalum (Series: TCM, TCR) Change of appearance of Tantalum Capacitors (TCM and TCR series) 07-01-2009
Inductors (Series: MRFI) Change of process for MRFI0603 05-20-2009
Inductors (Series: MLF) Discontinuation of MLF1005 or MLF0402 and MLF3216 or MLF1206 series surface mount inductor. 11-22-2006