Surface Mount Component Cross Reference Guides

Cross Parts to Venkel Using Our Cross Reference Guides
Venkel's Surface Mount Component Cross Reference Guides help you cross other manufacturer part numbers to Venkel.

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We also offer a free Part Crossing Service, where we do all the heavy lifting and cross parts for you.


Cross Reference Cheat Sheet - A Quick Guide for Crossing to Venkel Components


Cross Reference Guides by Series:

Ceramic Capacitors


Tantalum Capacitors






Save Time: Let Us Cross Parts for You

We understand how time consuming, and often frustrating it can be, to cross parts. That's why we have a department dedicated to crossing parts and similar activities. It's also why we developed an in-house tool that performs part crosses at lightning speed.

  • Cross from all major manufacturers: see our Cross Reference Cheat Sheet (coming soon).
  • No part number limit: send us 2 or 2,000 part numbers to cross, we do it all.
  • Any format: Excel is preferred but send us email, Word, PDF, or any other format.
  • Fast turnaround: often in 24 hours.

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