Supply Chain Services

At Venkel our goal is to remove as much volatility from your supply chain as possible. Our supply chain solutions allow you to reduce lead times, cut inventory carrying cost, avoid line down situations, and better utilize floor space.

Venkel has dedicated Supply Chain Analysts who are experienced material managers that will help set up a program that best suits your needs.

Venkel offers two Supply Chain stocking solutions that can be customized to ensure stock will always be there when you need it. The implementation of both programs is very quick and easy.

Bonded Inventory Program (BIP)

This program is great for customers that are unable to share their forecast. Venkel will set up reserve stock for you in our warehouse based on historical demand or projected EAU’s. This is also a good option for those customers with a low volume/high mix of components that take an excessive amount of time to procure but represent only a small part of the overall spend. Venkel will set min/max levels for the parts you use to ensure you always have stock on hand when needed.

Venkel Managed Inventory (VMI) 

Venkel will reserve inventory based on your forecast/MRP share which can be transmitted via EDI, e-mail, or web portal. Stock will be reserved for your company out to Venkel’s lead time for all components until you release it. Venkel will diligently communicate changes in lead time which could affect your stocking levels. Custom reporting showing your reserved inventory and WIP are available if needed.

This program is great for reducing lead times, excess inventory, material overhead and shortage situations, while increasing assurance of supply and inventory turns which maximizes your cash flow. The improved productivity will also give you more time for planning and strategic efforts.

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