Supply Chain Services

Our Supply Chain Services group is fully equipped to support your supply chain needs. Our dedicated staff is constantly working to align customer ERP demands with our inventory and production schedules.

Free, No-Hassle Supply Chain Services

There is no middleman and no direct cost for any of these services.

Supply Chain Services Programs

Programs can be customized to fit your company's needs, ensuring the most efficient use of your staff's time and efforts.

  • Auto-Replenishment - The most accurate, efficient and time saving program we offer. For those customers that can provide a dynamic forecast or can share their company MRP. Venkel can reduce your workload dramatically by releasing your firm window requirements automatically each week. Save the company time and money and focus on production shortages and item that have a higher cost.
  • Secured-Stock - Ideal for those small to medium size businesses that want the benefits of our Supply Chain Services but do not have the advanced inventory planning capabilities or software necessary.Venkel will work with your company to develop bond levels for the material you use most often.
  • On-Site Stock - Take advantage of the added security and convenience that consigned inventory offers. We stock Venkel owned inventory at your warehouse and only invoice you when you use it. The inventory you need is only a few steps away! Certain program restrictions apply. See your account manager or contact a Supply Chain Representative for details.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory - Don't have room in your warehouse or the staff to support increased inventory levels? Do you currently use a 3rd party warehouse to increase your production and flexibility without the additional warehouse space? Some of our customers use these 3rd party services and we can support them. Certain program restrictions apply. Contact a Supply Chain Services Specialist for details.

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Benefits of Supply Chain Services

  • Reduction in absolute inventory and increase in working capital
  • Fewer part shortages/expedite.
  • Time savings - Spend your time on the most important part of your job
  • Reduced lead times and improved Time To Market (TTM)
  • Better inventory tracking and receipt capability
  • Price Savings

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Without a doubt, our company has benefited from the competitive pricing and altogether from being in the Kanban program. The services associated with this program, which are very stable, have assisted me in setting up forecasts. I am also confident in the pipeline of material. I only have great things to say about my account manager Chris Gobbi, whose response time is quick and who is easy to work with and someone I can count on.
Ben Gast
Plexus Corp.