Venkel sells direct to the customer but also offers all the services and flexibility commonly associated with distribution. We offer the best of both worlds – exceptional price savings and world-class customer service!

We offer an array of services to support engineers and purchasing personnel.

Services Offered

Supply Chain Programs Ecommerce Engineering Support Special Services
Auto-Replenishment EDI Onsite Engineering Staff Barcoding
On-Site Stock Web-Based FREE Kits and Samples Part Crossing
Secured-Stock   Engineering Newsletter Cut Tape & Small Reels
Vendor-Managed Inventory      
I was asked if I would recommend Venkel’s SCS program to others, and my answer was simple. Absolutely! Since I have started using the SCS program, my company has been able to save time and dramatically reduced the potential for errors. Our data is able to feed directly into their system and any issues are resolved both quickly and cleanly. I would rate Venkel’s response time, on-time delivery, and product quality at a solid 10 out of 10. The overall level of service that we see from Venkel Ltd. is outstanding. All I can say is that, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies has greatly benefited from being apart of Venkel’s SCS program.
Gerry Litzelman
Sonic Manufacturing Technologies