Current Sense Resistors Cheat Sheet

A current sense resistor is defined by its resistance value being under 1Ω. These low values allow the resistor to monitor the current in a circuit and translate it to voltage in that can be easily monitored. These resistors are used in a number of applications such as power management applications, multi-media electronics, disk drivers, and many others.

The significant increase in current sense resistors in the electronics industry is due, not only to their unique properties but also advantages such as:

  • Low cost
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Measurable current range from very low to medium

This cheat sheet is designed to provide an overview of what current sense resistors are, what functions they provide in circuits, and which applications commonly use current sense resistors. If you have more questions concerning these resistors or other Venkel parts, you can contact the engineering team here.

Current Sense Resistor Cheat Sheet

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