CMRT Request

Current Version: 6.1

The EICC/GeSI form was created to provide an inside look at the smelter list used by manufacturers. This helps customers identify if a smelter is compliant or non-compliant.  The Conflict Minerals Reporting Template was created by the Conflict- Free Sourcing Initiative, in effort to help transfer information through the supply chains regarding the country of origin of the minerals. We have completed our EICC form at a company level, which means that this form will cover all Venkel products. Please complete the form to your right to receive a completed EICC form.

Data Included in Venkel's CMRT:
Smelters for Tin, Tantalum and Gold
Complete Conflict-Free survey
Location of smelters
Smelter Country

When you request our CMRT you'll receive the following:

  • Venkel's current CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template)
  • Venkel's current CRT (Cobalt Reporting Template)
  • Venkel's Conflict Minerals Statement