Social Responsibility

Venkel Ltd. is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in ethical conduct and integrity in all areas of our business. We are dedicated to upholding the rights of our workers and treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community. As further evidence of our commitment to maintaining high ethical standards, we have begun to model our standards after the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition’s Code of Conduct.

Venkel Ltd. does not conduct nor condone the practice of debt-bonded labor, slavery, or human trafficking at any level of our business and has zero tolerance for companies that do so. We follow the guidelines set by the US Department of Labor and the US Department of Health and Human Services. All of our employees are hired and checked by one of the largest human resources agencies in the United States.

Conflict Minerals

Venkel Ltd. takes all measures necessary to ensure that all of our products are free of conflict minerals. View the Statement and resources.

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Counterfeit Parts

Venkel Ltd. stands behind its products and recommends that you buy direct to mitigate this issue. View Venkel's statement on Counterfeit parts.

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Human Trafficking

Venkel ensures that all our products are manufactured by people who work in accordance with their own free will. View the statement on Human Trafficking.

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Rare Earth Elements

Rare Earth elements are used in very small proportions in the total dielectric formulation for SMT passive components.

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