Venkel products meet environmental regulations including RoHS 2 and REACH. Compliance is maintained through various methods including rigorous self-audits and testing done by independent third party laboratories.

Additionally, Venkel strives to ensure that products are made within global standards of ethical responsibility including the treatment of our employees and those that work for our suppliers. We continue to take measures to ensure that our products remain free of Conflict Minerals and are not produced by means of human trafficked labor.


Venkel Ltd. is committed to maintaining its position as an environmentally friendly company that is complaint with several international directives.

Statements: RoHS 2, REACH, Halogen-free, Asbestos-free, California Prop 65, Canada CEPA 1999, TSCA

Social Responsibility

Venkel Ltd. is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in ethical conduct and integrity in all areas of our business.

Statements: Conflict Minerals, Counterfeit Parts, Human Trafficking.

Material Declarations

Material declarations were created to provide an inside look at the materials used at a homogenous level. You can find the information you are needing for a specific Venkel series.

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Educational resources on issues affecting the electronic component industry. Venkel has infographics on RoHS, Conflict Minerals and Counterfeit Components.

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