On-Site Stock Program - Supply Chain Services

This program provides increased production flexibility and protection from sudden material shortages by allowing Venkel to stock material at the customer’s facility. The customer is invoiced each week for the material used. This signals Venkel to replenish the material stocked at the customer’s warehouse.

This type of program works best for customers with high usage components and wish to stock material at their site. Some special restrictions apply.

Below is the typical configuration of this program. All programs can be customized however, please contact us to discuss.

  • Stocking Level: 30 days On-site/ 60 days at Venkel
  • Liability (Standard Items): None
  • Liability (NCNR Items): 90 days
  • Forecast Required: Yes
  • Firm Purchase Order Required: Optional
  • Invoiced: Time of Use
  • Revenue Requirements: Contact us for details
  • Cancellation Notice: 30 days

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