Compare Supply Chain Management Programs

A matrix comparing Venkel's Supply Chain Services Programs.

Below is the typical configuration of this program. All programs can be customized however, please contact us to discuss.

  Auto-Replenishment Secured-Stock On-Site Stock Vendor Managed Inventory
Stocking Level Per Customer Forecast Per Customer Requirements 30 Day onsite / 60 Day Venkel Negotiable
Liability (Standard Items) Zero Zero Zero Zero
Liability (NCNR items) 100% 100% 100% 100%
Forecast Required Yes No Yes Yes
Firm PO Required Optional No Optional Optional
Stocking Site Venkel Venkel Customer / Venkel 3PL Warehouse
Invoiced Upon Shipment Upon Shipment Time of Use Time of Use
Revenue Requirements None None Contact us for details Contact us for details
Cancellation Notice 30 days 30 Days 30 days 30 days