Auto-Replenishment Program - Supply Chain Services

This is the most popular program offering. Venkel uses the customer's dynamic forecast or MRP to plan and stock material. Critical parts can be released automatically without placing discrete purchase orders.

Below is the typical configuration of this program. All programs can be customized however, please contact us to discuss.

  • Liability (Standard Items): None
  • Liability (NCNR Items): Negotiable
  • Forecast Required: Yes
  • Firm Purchase Order Required: Optional
  • Stocking Site: Venkel
  • Ship Dates Required: No
  • Invoiced: Upon Shipment
  • Revenue Requirements: None
  • Cancellation Notice: 30 days

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Without a doubt, our company has benefited from the competitive pricing and altogether from being in the Kanban program. The services associated with this program, which are very stable, have assisted me in setting up forecasts. I am also confident in the pipeline of material. I only have great things to say about my account manager Chris Gobbi, whose response time is quick and who is easy to work with and someone I can count on.
Ben Gast
Plexus Corp.