High Power Thick Film Resistors (HPCR Series)


Venkel’s High Power Resistors are general purpose resistors used in a variety of applications where higher power is needed. These resistors offer higher power ratings than industry standards in the same case size. This is accomplished by utilizing different resistive materials and patterns with better thermal properties as well as modified construction and processing techniques.

These resistors are well suited for applications where they are subjected to high current, where greater margin or de-rating is needed, or in environmental conditions where the resistors are exposed to higher operating temperatures. They are available in sizes 0402 through 1210 in E-24 and E-96 standard resistance values up to 1Meg Ohm.


  • RoHS 5/6 Compliant
  • Sizes: 0402 to 1210
  • Resistances: 0Ω to 1 Meg Ω
  • Tolerances: ±1 & ±5%
  • Operating Temperature range of -55C to 155C
  • TCR as low as ±100ppm
  • Terminations available in 100% Matte Tin
  • Standard EIA Marking for 0603 case size and larger
  • Good power dissipation capabilities

Crosses To

Manufacturer Series
Bourns CRM
Stackpole (SEI) RMCP

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