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Current Sense

Current Sense Low Value (LCR Series)

LCR Series

Resistance range from 10mΩ to 976mΩ.  Helpful for current sensing applications and de-rating voltage.


Current Sense Metal Foil (CSMF Series)

CSMF Group Shot

Monitor the flow of current into and out of circuits due to their very low and stable TCR. 0603 to 2512 sizes,  10mΩ to 100mΩ.


Current Sense Metal Strip (CSMS Series)

CSMS Group shot
Very low ohmic values.Uses include power management & safety systems. 0805 to 2512 sizes. 1mΩ to 100mΩ

Current Sense Ultra Low Value Resistors (ULCR Series)

2512 size with values ranging from 0.50mΩ to 7.00mΩ. Helpful for current sensing applications and de-rating voltage. 


High Power Thin Film (HPTF Series)

TFCR Series

For high power and precision circuitry. Stable and reliable over operating temperature range. TCR of ±0.1%, ±0.25%, ±0.50%, or ±1% tol.


Precision High Resistance (PHCR Series)

PHCR Series

High resistance values with low TCR. Resistance range up to 1Gig ohm and TCR of ± 25ppm/°C, ± 50ppm/°C or ±100ppm/°C.  


Precision Thin Film (TFCR Series)

TFCR Series

For high precision circuitry. Stable and reliable over operating temperature range. TCR of ±0.1%, ±0.25%, ±0.50%, or ±1% tol.


Ultra Precision Thin Film (UPTF Series)

For high precision circuitry.Stability and reliability over operating temperature range. Low TCR.


Anti-Sulfuration (CRS Series)

High stability Thick Film Resistor with special termination which prevents an open mode due to Silver Sulfide (H2S)


Trimmable (TRCR Series)

TRCR Series

When final adjustment of circuits is required. Resistance film and glass passivation for ease of laser trimming.

Thick Film

General Purpose RoHS 6/6 "Green" Resistors (CRG Series)

RoHS 6/6 and Halogen Free resistors. Alternative Resistors for applications needing full RoHS 6/6 compliance in a general purpose thick film resistor.


General Purpose Thick Film (CR Series)

CR Series

Standard Thick Film Resistors are available in sizes from 01005 to 2512 and a resistance range of 0Ω to 22Meg Ω.  


High Power Resistors (HPCR Series)

These resistors offer higher power ratings than industry standards in the same case size.


High Voltage (HVCR Series)

Voltages up to 2000V DC.  Useful when there is a large amount of voltage being applied to a circuit. 


High Resistance (HMCR Series)

HMCR Series

High resistance Thick Film Resistors with value ranges from 12M Ohm to 100G Ohm. Available in 0402 to 2512 size.

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